Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I was reading Media Matters for America today, and caught up with the latest spew set forth by Pat Robertson, and he never fails to amuse me.

Apparently, Robertson used his 700 Club bully pulpit to blame Hurricane Katrina on the usual suspects: liberals, abortionists, puppies, etc. Of course, the SCOTUS had to come up, because that's what preachers are supposed to do, worry about judicial nominees. Here's a gem:

ROBERTSON: You know, it's just amazing, though, that people say the litmus test for [Supreme Court nominee John G.] Roberts [Jr.] is whether or not he supports the wholesale slaughter of unborn children.

Robertson's ignorance is astonishing. His total disregard of the facts lies naked before us in his words. When he speaks of "Wholesale slaughter," he fails to account for the fact that I'd pay retail. I feel that strongly about it.


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