Friday, September 30, 2005

I was just reading a story about VA hospital care and had a thought worth sharing: The GOP is known as the party that is all about a strong army and military support (even though soldiers currently serving in Iraq have to pay for their own body armor, thanks to Donald Rumsfeld's criminal indifference), the democrats are the ones who care about troops after they come home from duty. Think about that the next time you go to vote and pass a car with one of those "Support our Troops" yellow-ribbon bumper stickers (Paid for with money that doesn't go to any troop support). It turns out that the GOP is interested in privatizing veterans' health care. Check it out at . Fascinating.

The whole argument reminds me of the joke that was started, I believe, by either Maureen Dowd or Molly Ivins ( can't remember which), that the GOP cares about life from the moment of conception until birth--and then you're on your own.

Speaking of which, you should check out to check the latest bile spewn forth by America's favorite holy dice roller on moral "virtue," William Bennett. Apparently African-American crime surpasses the crimes of Enron, Tyco, Halliburton, Worldcom, and Harken Energy (to name a few).

Also of note this week is the confirmation of John Roberts to the position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Aside from the fact that he has acted as a political hack for every republican administration since Reagan, including a significant role in the stolen election of 2000, I think this guy might have cut some sort of deal to advance his own career is quite frightening. He could have earned tons more money in the private sector over the years, but instead stayed close to the power that could put him on the bench. I think he's an idealogue, and dangerous to our civil liberties.

Sorry I have not posted much lately, but I was recently hired to write an artible about wine, which was clearly a mistake. I don't know anything about wine. I had to do a lot of research.


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